This bus is rad... and I sold it - D'OH

1970 VW Camper Bus in great condition.  It is a Westfalia camper conversion but it is a tin-top (meaning it has a metal roof, not the pop-up camper top.)  The interior is set up for camping.  The rear seats lay out flat into a bed. It has a table, sink, fridge box and a patio/awning kit. 

It runs well.  The engine starts quickly, even in cold weather.  I took in on the freeway and hit 65mph on flat land. Otherwise, it's been used for fun, short trips around town.  It drips a little oil and the bottom of the engine looks oily... but it doesn't burn oil or leak very fast.  I regularly checked the oil levels after and during trips and I haven't had to top it off in a long while.  The engine sounds healthy, smooth and in tune. 

The paint is a second coat on top of the original red paint job. The new paint isn't show quality but it's done a good job protecting the sheet metal and it looks decent. You can see overspray on the bottom of the vehicle. It has a few minor scratch dents and the newer paint is on top of those so they won't rust; the scratch dents were left as is. The right, rear corner has a thin coat of bondo but if you look at the interior of the sheet metal, you can see the damage was very minimal... nothing scary. The bottom of the vehicle has very little rust. I've posted pictures of the bottom. The only rust is underneath the battery tray. The bottom of the vehicle is nice and straight. There is a minor dent on the rear passenger side frame rail. The rockers are nice and straight. Overall, the body/chassis/sheet metal are in great condition.