This was an attempt to sail to Hawaii.  We sailed westward for 3 days but turned around to take care of some simple issues back in port.  Some of the hatches let water in and turned out mattresses into sponges.  Delaying the trip so we could fix the minor leaks and dry out the beds was the smart thing to do.  Pushing through without sleep could lead to preventable, deadly mistakes.  Going back to port meant some of the crew had to go back to work so we never finished the trip. Nothing crazy, just safe.  

It was valuable experience either way.  I learned how an older generation sails.  This would have been the owner's 3rd time to sailing to Hawaii, but his first time sailing there with GPS!  Us modern sailors have it easy.  My biggest surprise was realizing a difference between engineers and normal humans.

As an engineer with some OCD qualities, I can't stop thinking about how to optimize my sail configuration and sail trim.  If you are sailing the world, you just let the sails out and don't necessarily try to get every inch of power out the sail.  In fact, you want to under-load your sails to gives yourself room incase the winds pick up.  Under-loading your sails and rigging also increases their lifespan.  

I'll make it to Hawaii in my own boat - some day soon.    

Here's the short version (3 minutes):


Here's the extended cut (23 minutes):